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Damageplan CD

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New Found Power - Damage PlanDamageplan

New Found Power

Featuring: Dimebag Darryl

Died (DEC 8th) in a Nightclub in Columbus, Ohio. A Shooter came on stage at a Damageplan concert and shot and killed Dimebag Darrell and killed 3 other people and injured several people including Vinnie Paul the Drummer. Dimebag and Vinnie were original members of Pantera. "Heavy Metal has lost one of the greatest guitarists of all time".

New Found Power (2004) Edited; Enhanced CD Audio Samples MP3
New Found Power (2004) Parental Advisory Audio Samples

Damageplan - Band Shot T
Damageplan - Band Shot T
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Dimebag Darrell's Guitar Collection including Pedal Effects

Dunlop DB01 Dime Cry Baby (Guitar Effects)

MXR DD11 Dimebag Distortion (Guitar Effects)

Washburn Dime 332 Black (Solid Body Electric Guitars)

Dunlop DB02 Dime Custom Crybaby Wah (Guitar Effects)

Pantera CDs - Pantera Music Videos

Cemetery Gates
Cowboys From Hell (1990)  Audio Samples 
Far Beyond Driven (1994)  Audio Samples
Official Live: 101 Proof (1997)  Audio Samples
Planet Caravan 1
Reinventing The Steel (2000) Parental Advisory  Audio Samples
Reinventing The Steel (2000) Edited Audio Samples
The Best Of Pantera: Far Beyond The Great Southern Cowboys' Vulgar Hits! (2003) CD & DVD; Parental Advisory  Audio Samples 
Vulgar Display Of Power (1992)  Audio Samples 

Pantera: 3 Vulgar Videos from Hell (1999) 
Essential Music Videos - Alternative Metal
Essential Music Videos - Extreme Alternative (2004)
Heavy Metal 2000 (2000) Widescreen
Heavy Metal 2000 (2000) Widescreen; Subtitled; Superbit 
Heavy Metal/ Heavy Metal 2000 Special Edition  Special Edition; Widescreen
Pantera: 3 Vulgar Videos from Hell (1999)  
Rockthology #3: Hard And Heavy (2002)

Pantera Video -VHS

Heavy Metal 2000 (2000)
Pantera: Cowboys From Hell (1990)  
Pantera: Vulgar Video (1993)  
Pantera: Watch It Go (1997)

Great Southern Trendkill (1996) Argentina  Audio Samples
Maximum Pantera (2000) England 
Reinventing Hell: The Best Of Pantera  Japan + Bonus DVD
Reinveting The Steel  Australia
Revolution Is My Name  Japan 
Take 2  England 
Take 2  England

Cowboys From Hell (1990) Audio Samples 
Far Beyond Driven (1994) Audio Samples
Great Southern Trendkill (1996) Audio Samples
Official Live: 101 Proof (1997) Audio Samples
Reinventing The Steel (2000) Parental Advisory Audio Samples
Vulgar Display Of Power (1992) Audio Samples 

Pantera - Sheet Music and Guitar Tabs

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